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Gospel Limited, a choir under the leadership of Václav Tříska, is one of the few gospel choirs in the Czech Republic.

A repertoire of this young mixed choir consists mainly of a modern gospel, a magnificent emotional spiritual music that comes from Afro-American music tradition. Modern gospel is based on a traditional gospel, a music that could have been heard in many American churches since the beginning of the 20th century. In the sixties Edwin Howkins began with his arrangement of a Baptist psalm “Oh, Happy Day” a brand new evolution of gospel music. Gospel has become a genre that influences other music styles, such as soul and hip-hop, and it was affected by their music elements backward. This stream is known as a contemporary gospel.

The contemporary gospel is nowadays the fastest developing music genre in the U.S. and it is also spreading all over the Europe, especially in Scandinavia. There are over 200 choirs in Sweden, more than 100 choirs exist in Denmark and in Norway the Oslo Gospel Choir has become the best-selling music ensemble.

In the repertoire of Gospel Limited there are quite a lot of modern gospel songs from world-famous American as well as European gospel authors such as Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, Edwin Hawkins, Donald Lawrence, Hans Christian Jochimsen, and many others.

The choir cooperates with high-quality accompanying band with brilliant jazz musicians such as Tomáš Jochmann, Martin Krč, Jakub Zomer, Radim Linhart on piano, Michael Nosek, Ondřej Sluka, Ondřej Pompo Pomajsl on percussin, Lars Miller, Michael Krásný on bass guitar, Ondřej Malina on solo guitar and many other guest musicians.

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